NSW Mid & Far North Coast PEST & Termite Specialists

The CSIRO states that 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites (white ants) in its lifetime and lists the Northern Rivers region is a very high risk area. The Australian Standard (AS 3660) recommend that homeowners have termite inspections carried out by a licensed pest professional at least every 12 months. Our professionally accredited and trained pest technicians are backed by a collective 60+ years experience in the industry, ensuring accurate, informative and comprehensive inspection services. With the use of technologically advanced equipment, our technicians are able to detect termites inside the walls, track movement, pinpoint termite entry points and detect excessive moisture within the wall cavities.

All Pest Solutions are focused on evolving with the scientific advances in the industry by capitalising on the knowledge behind pest biology and behaviour rather than focusing on high chemical toxicity. With these scientific advances and the increased understanding of how pests interact, there are many more environmentally safe products available. All Pest Solutions offer FREE quotes and site visits on existing and new homes. We offer a range of products and tailored treatment options. During a FREE quote, our termite specialists will evaluate the most effective treatment option to the clients' home and needs.
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