Meet Torben!

Residents of the Northern Rivers will most likely recognise this friendly smile! Meet Torben, a true Ballina local, born & bred. 

Torben began his career as a Pest Control technician when he was just 23 years old & has continued working locally in the Northern Rivers since. With over 15 years experience in the industry, plus his local knowledge of the area, Torben’s a significant asset to the All Pest team & has been now for almost 3 years. Although it does feel like a lot longer, his friendly nature will make you feel as if you’ve known him for years. People who have met Torben will know what I'm talking about. 

Torben enjoys the outdoors so when he’s not motorbike riding, camping or fishing, he is working in the field he is most passionate about, termites. Despite not enjoying his time inside the roof in summer (apparently he's not the only one) he enjoys the challenges he faces when searching for termites. Torben’s many years experience & knowledge of the area gives him great advantage in his field of work, as there aren’t many situations he hasn’t come across before. 

Torben’s favourite part about his role at All Pest is that he has the opportunity to travel the area & meet new people. Torben’s kind & social characteristic’s makes him popular with our clients and he is well - known to the office girls as a ‘gentleman’. Always happy to chit chat, lend a helping hand and have a good laugh! 

We are very thankful to have Torben & his friendly smile apart of our team!