Hey Cobba, this is Johnny AKA "The Voice"

John has been apart of the team since the day it began. When josh opened his doors at all pest, he knew he couldn’t do it without Johnny or at least it wouldn’t be as fun. John worked alongside Bec & Josh prior to his role at All Pest (at another pest control company) & the reason he joined all Pest is because he “fell in love with Bec & Josh” (awwww)

This gives John an impressive 10 years experience, although he says he is still learning after all this time “I didn’t even know we bloody treated flies until the other day”. (It’s either that Johnny or your memory is going) even though John knows a lot about pest control, if there was something he didn’t know, he would make a million phone calls to everyone in the company until he knew the answer! And when he says he will call you back, he will always call you back. A man that is very true to his word.

Johns main role at All Pest is “Company Comedian” he takes his role very seriously & goes to extreme lengths to crack inappropriate jokes, offer funny, unsolicited advice & wear ugly clothes to work. Please refer to the photo of his ugly green pants for an example.

Secondary to his comedian role, Johnny maintains our exisiting clients by reminding them when their services are due, as well as procuring new clients. Johns favourite part about his role at all Pest is “the money” (I love his honesty), but in all seriousness he enjoys his job because he “loves talking to people” and with all his life experience it allows him to have a variety on interesting conversations with people. John is absolutely fantastic with our clients, he is a great listener, always shows empathy and manages to make nearly every person he speaks to LAUGH. He has a way of turning moods around & making people’s day.

When John isn’t at work, he is spending time with his lovely wife and grandchildren in his hometown town of Evans Head. John says All Pest will be his last job before his retirement and admits its the longest job he’s ever had! We are so honoured to have had Johnny spoil us with his humour for so long. There won’t ever be anyone funny enough to replace him, he’s one of a kind.