Meet Julieanne

Meet Julieanne, better known round the office as Jules. Jules was born in Coonabarabran, a small town with a population of around 3500. She moved to Lennox 10 years ago with her family and loves the coastal lifestyle. 

You could not get a friendlier woman than Jules, she shows nothing but kindness to those around her and is sure to have a constant smile on her face. She is known as our office mum always keeping an eye on the girls, but her official job role is Accounts Manager. She started with All Pest 3 years ago calling our annual reminders before transitioning into the account’s role. Prior to that she was working for Southern Cross Credit Union as a Customer Service Officer. 

Jules fell in love with the All Pest team from day 1 and says the absolute favourite part about her job is the staff and her least favourite part is “pesting” people for money. We thought that was a good 'mum joke'.

She loves spending her days off travelling and taking camp trips with her husband Dave. They recently purchased a new campervan and she has loved the weekends away finding new camp spots to explore. 

Jules has great customer service skills and is always willing to lend a hand to her work mates. She’s a team player and her presence brings a ray of sunshine into our office.